Decryption's Discourse Installation & Hosting Service

Want to create an online community with Discourse but find the cost of Discourse's official hosting too high and you're not up for the technical challenges to self-host? Let me do it for you!

I've installed and maintain multiple self-hosted Discourse forums with high uptime and blazing fast speeds. Pay me to handle all the backend stuff while you focus on making your community shine.

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What's Included

Book a 15 minute chat to discuss your Discourse community!

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About me

My name is Anthony and I do this as a side hustle and to help online communities grow outside the walled gardens of our big tech overlords. My day job is writing Austraila's best technology email newsletter - The Sizzle.

I have almost 20 years of experience babysitting computers and running online communities. You can find more information about me at

Some forums I administer include the Australian Computer Museum Society and The Sizzle's private members only forum.